Although this is one of my simpler and shorter poems, I personally find it to be one of the sweetest. A few months ago, it was published in an anthology of poems called “Where the Mind Dwells,” by Eber & Wein Publishing. Since then, I’ve made a slight change in the next to last line. I’m a country gal at heart, but even though the “country” part of my poem isn’t revealed until the end, I love the subtle way it unveils itself.


The Unspoken Argument

I look at her.

She looks at me.

I toss my head and turn my back.

She does the same.

Angrily, I stamp my foot.

Indignantly, she stamps hers.

Then I feel a velvety nose

Lean down on my shoulder.

I turn, half smile.

“I’m sorry, friend,” I whisper.

She nickers back the same.