In Manchester, New Hampshire, visiting for a family wedding, I happened upon a gold mine of stories untold. These photos are from an obviously picturesque neighborhood, and each (oh, but perhaps not all) come with a tiny bit of story. Have you ever wondered if you have an imagination? Yes, you certainly do. These houses, for example; study them. What is their expression? Personality? Do they match their inhabitants? Prepare your brain to be teased.


If he is at home, and not on a tour, he rarely comes out. Here lives Diego Terenciano De Luca Bianchi, the internationally acclaimed pianist. His love life was a sorrowful tale that haunts his dark, moody, handsome face. Often when he remembers his past, he plays his feelings onto the keys, filling the neighborhood with bittersweet music.


Here’s a switch. Meet the Montgomery & Bauer Boarding School for Young Ladies; a stiff, strict, musty business of pinafores, oatmeal, declensions and chalk. (It is also home to such scandalous activity as food fights and sliding down bannisters.)


Behind these pristine walls, a mastermind is on perpetual-brainstorm-mode. Heather Carlisle Snow just published her forty-seventh book in a series that is sweeping the nation. She may be seen on her porch calmly drinking sassafras tea, but not for long—she will be sure to jump up and start scribbling helter-skelter, sending her piles of yellow paper flying.


Got the hang of it? I hope so, because this one’s up to you! See the comment button below? Use it! I want to hear what your imagination says about this house!

And that’s not all! But all for now. I’ll be back, with more to tickle your imagination.