CJ’s Corner is a post written exclusively by Adelle’s rabbit.




Oh no!

You folks think the fun is all for you—stuffing yourselves with candy and making fools of yourselves in Wonder Woman and the Hulk costumes. Well, there’s news for you.

We get to do it, too!

Adelle made me a cute golden tiara, and gave Callie one to match, and we paraded out as royal princesses with our treat bags at the ready. We were in our element at dusk. The backyard was just now stirring. We saw Shadow, the town tough cat and newly-elected chief of police, slunk shyly into the shadows. Midnight, one of the officers, bounded around with no costume at all; he could go as himself—a black cat. We ducked as Dusk and Dawn, our resident mockingbirds, swooped about, something filmy and white dangling from their wings to make believe ghosts. Bats twittered from the north corner of the house.

Carhartt, Callie’s brother, swaggered about, showing off his antler stubs to his new girlfriend. All the other deer had somehow contrived creative costumes, and we crashed through the underbrush behind the houses, laughing and chattering wildly. We all exchanged different tasty treats we had made from various tree-barks (I enjoy these as much as the deer). I hid briefly under Callie until the old Professor had swooped past, his silent feathered wings deftly dodging tree trunks high above. Later, a young coon made an audacious appearance, introducing himself as Bandit. We paid him little attention, as we knew that as soon as he grew old enough to raid the chicken coop, Adelle would ship him off to a quiet place in the country to reunite with his father (Bobby) and uncle (Bertie).

It was fun enough, to tramp around the woods with a gaggle of friends, but I was a bit disappointed at the pile of bark in my treat bag. I guess I hadn’t counted on such a lack of variety in the backyard. We stayed up a while, after crisscrossing the creek a few times and meeting up with a few interesting characters. We disturbed a few snoozing squirrels, and ran into a possum. He immediately played dead, and for such a spectacular trick we gave him a few of our treats. He didn’t wake up right off, however, so we tip-toed off, giggling.

At last a twinkle from the flashlight up top reminded us of the time, so I bid goodbye to Callie and the others and hopped up to my hutch. Adelle gave me a boost and said goodnight. I was about to lay down, when I felt something cold. I peered in the shadows. Wow! Adelle had left me a giant conglomeration of treats! I chomped a bite into an apple, and nibbled the end of a sweet carrot, and tried out a new kind of alfalfa chews! I hollered a sincere thank you to Adelle as she went to the garage. She grinned and blew me a kiss.

So I took a few more nibbles, stashed the rest in my hay rack for later, and snuggled in the hay for the night.


(Shoot! I should’a put that at the beginning. My mind is still on my sugar high, so I can’t exactly think straight.)