CJ’s Corner is a post written exclusively by Adelle’s rabbit.

Yes, it’s true.

For me, it started soon after I met Adelle, an awfully nice average-looking Southern Belle who loves to write. She took me into her home and gave me the TLC I needed, and I started picking up a few pointers on how to put my wild thoughts into words.

Of course, I’m not about to be handling pencil and paper, much less a computer keyboard. I started honing my skills in my head, then told Adelle about my new-found talent. As any rabbit’s best friend would, she immediately took office as my scribe. She promised to find a way to publicize my work and to let me know how it went. Meanwhile, I would keep on dictating stuff to her and storing it up.

Then she found this awfully handy way to post the stuff I write. She started a blog for her own stories and gave me a cozy corner of it to myself. And here we are: CJ’s Corner.

Since you don’t know me real well yet, I’ll give you a few fun facts about myself.

  • CJ stands for Cilantro Joy. Cilantro is delicious by itself; Joy is sweet by itself; but Cilantro Joy? ‘Nuff said.
  • My particular breed of rabbit is Rex. In Latin that word means “king”, so you can just imagine how soft my fur is!
  • My birthday is on Valentine’s Day! Two years ago, when I was just a leetle six-week-old thing, Adelle found me. I can’t remember my mom too well, but I know she was nice and warm and her fur was cinnamon-colored. My brother I recollect was my same pattern, but charcoal instead of cream. He was always in mischief.
  • Like most people (and rabbits), I have three top loves in life: eating, sleeping, and playing. In that order.
  • My first year here, I lived in a pen in the garage. Then I upgraded to a roomy hutch that has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom with a little peephole! (See picture above)

This is me! Adelle says this is a pretty good first post, for a rabbit. Next time I’ll introduce you to my friends and let you in on all the gossip in the woods behind the house. Till next time!