CJ’s Corner is a post written exclusively by Adelle’s rabbit. 

BREAKING NEWS: the chicks next door have fledged! Earlier one of the Carolina Wrens told me that the kiddos were itching to skedaddle. The very same day Adelle came home from a trip, she got curious as she watched the wrens fetching worms and ducking into the loft. She snuck in and watched the chicks firsthand! Oh, if only I could have been there. A few minutes later, they started fluttering about, so Adelle, her family, and I cheered them on while they “flew the coop.”

In other news, high above our heads, the Red-tailed Hawks are proud parents of two adorable hatchlings. All you can see are two gray fuzz-balls peeking down!

The other day, I was stretched out snoozing when a cackle of birds near the creek startled me. I jumped up in time to spot a busy little character hustling across the clearing. His small eyes darted to and fro, and his long, hairless tail dragged after his stocky gray body. Opossum!

Callie, a young Whitetail deer I found to be my kindred spirit, informed me that the possum’s arrival had made quite a stir in our neighborhood. You see, to our sleepy community, it’s exciting when the creek rises in a storm! Why, just last week when the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks flew through on migration, the whole forest was in a state of twitterpation!

Oh, but I’ve saved the best for last. Yesterday, when Callie and I were chatting, she leaned in close to my hutch and looked around for eavesdroppers. “CJ,” she whispered, a slight grin playing at her lips. “I’ve a hankering to tell you something. My brother has got himself a girlfriend!”

“Carhartt? Really?” I asked incredulously.

She nodded, stifling a giggle. “I caught him staring at her when we went for a drink at the creek yesterday. When we said hello, he could hardly get his name out!” We burst out laughing. To think! Swaggering, cocky Carhartt having a crush?

Hmmm, reckon that’s all I got today. Bye now, and take care!