Well, um, yeah. Duh. Pretty sure I can’t live without one.

Dr. Ben Carson should know that, too. He’s opened hundreds of heads, operated on more brains than he can count, and saved many lives. But he sees more than just a brain. It’s the headquarters of a life.

In You Have a Brain, a book geared for teens, Dr. Carson relates the importance of one’s mind and urges his readers not to waste a God-given opportunity. For emphasis, he details his own life-story, a powerful example of how using one’s brain to its fullest can take one to unimaginable places.

Looking back on all his mother taught him, Carson has created an acronym, THINK BIG, to sum up a few principles in spurring his readers on in the right direction. Throughout the book, he emphasizes how Talent, Honesty, Insight, Niceness, Knowledge, Books, In-Depth learning, and God have never failed him. With intense stories and wise advice, Carson exactly touches the real struggle of many teenagers. But who said it was just for teens? This book is inspirational for readers of all ages.

Ben Carson’s life story works like a puzzle. From an early age he was viewed as a dunce in school, but his mother changed that by showing him how to use his brain well. He became a learned, famed surgeon—of what? Children’s brains. You Have a Brain captures a critical truth in simple language and profound thought.