Hey! I’m a half Southern Belle, half Yankee with a knack for words and a weakness for Golden Retrievers. If that wasn’t quite enough for you, keep scrolling.

I have a passion for finding new words and new ways to say a sentence. Besides that, I have all the other symptoms of a writer: I’m an avid reader, I use words like “soporific” in my everyday vocabulary, and I can’t stand poor grammar on paper. (Except “y’all” or “ain’t,” because those are genuine Southern words, people!)

Words, however, aren’t quite the number one love of my life. Gasp! But it’s true. Nothing, not even published work, beats the satisfaction I feel after a day’s work outdoors and the comfort of knowing all the critters are safe and cared for. The Almighty told us to take care of his earth, and that is what I aim to do.

Don’t leave yet! Besides writing short stories, poems, or book reviews, I may sneak in a travel guide, mini biography, or even a recipe! And be sure to visit CJ’s Corner, where you’re apt to get a laugh from my rabbit’s latest antics. So put your feet up, make yourself at home, and have a look around.


P.S. All images on this blog have either been photographed by myself or taken with permission from family or friends.