CJ’s Corner: Merry ‘Merica!

“When in the Course of leporine events, it becomes Necessary for a litter to Protest the Habits and Behaviors of Man. A decent Respect to the opinions of Rabbitkind requires that they should Declare the causes which persuade them to their Objection. The history of patriotic celebrations among Man is a history of repeated Injuries and Usurpations. Let Facts be submitted to a Candid world.

“He has allowed Tremendous and Thunderous Fireworks to be set off; most painful to our sensitive Ears.

“He has shown Preference to our Galline Neighbors by the distribution of leftover Corncobs.

“He has compelled us to participate in Photo Shoots…


“He has—”

Aw, who am I kidding? Fireworks, photo shoots or otherwise, July Fourth was a (hot) (loud) pleasant holiday. While Adelle and her family joined relatives for a patriotic luncheon, I got several surprise visitors—y’all know Callie, my BFF? The white-tail doe? She joined me for a picnic! And you’ll never guess—not in a million years…

Callie is a mama!

Along behind her comes a fawn, wading neck-deep in ferns and tottering up the hill, still with the baby spots on her back. The little dear (called Chevy—for Chevrolet) was quite shy, but politely ate her food and listened to our talk. Callie’s got her trained well. (No photos of them… you know about deer and cameras…)

Although Adelle’s legs are now covered in mosquito bites, she valiantly stood by my hutch that night to comfort me through the fireworks. They did hurt my ears something awful, but I acted like a true adolescent and pretended I didn’t need petting.

Oh, and look who else visited me over the holiday!




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