A Stroll Through Manchester Pt. 2

Here we are again in Manchester, New Hampshire! It’s a lovely day for a stroll. You just finished admiring the famous author’s quaint home and you round the bend—what’s this? What is a house like this doing in Manchester?


Well, nobody knows the answer to that question, but I can tell you something else. A brother and a sister, visiting their aunt (Heather Carlisle Snow herself) discovered this “haunty” house. Upon exploring it, they stumbled upon a cache of treasure hidden by the spy ring headquartered there. In a dramatic turn of events, the siblings were kidnapped, escaped, and turned the criminals in for a hefty reward. (In fact, this adventure was the inspiration for their aunt’s next book.)



Ah, here is the Do-It-Yourself. The comment box is there for a reason! I love hearing what my readers think. And while you are brainstorming, here are a few more to jog your imagination.


What a grand house! And in some ways, a rather odd one too. It must belong to Fabien Beauchêne-Delacroix, the eccentric but wise professor from France. Inside the walls are lined with books on all subjects known to man, but even these wonders cannot satisfy his lonely niece, Esmé. She spends much of her time sitting on the little porch just to the right of the copper dome, thinking of her home in France.


Among all the magnificent mansions we have seen, this gem sparkles the brightest. In this charming cottage from another era, the elderly Widow McGee is always ready to dish out hugs and treats to the flocks of neighborhood children at her door. She is a well-loved member of society, and her tidy house never wants for company.

Well! What a whirlwind of a stroll! Do join me next time.


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