Wake-up Call

I had a rather profound experience the other day. It was while I was getting chores done around the place; of course, sneezing my head off in the process, because April is, honestly, “sneezin’ season.” My nose was raw and I was exhausted and sore all over from soccer. In reality, I had very minimal work to do, but the tasks dragged as I limped along, pausing often to wipe my tender nose with the tissues crumpled in my pockets. I was a royal mess, and felt very sorry for myself.

As I watered the garden, that dumb hose got stuck under the car tires in the driveway. This was the last straw. I struggled with the grimy hose, yanking it this way and that to free it. All of a sudden I was blasted with a cold spray of water from the spigot. Blindly I jumped back and dropped it. I had to laugh at myself.

Continuing to water, I caught myself thinking, “That actually felt really good. I want to try that again.” It had felt good! Newly refreshed, I forgot all about me and my allergy pity party. Then I noticed several things. First, I observed the way the soil greedily soaked up the water, and then I heard how the songbirds chirped to one another in the woods. Then I noticed the cool breeze wafting past, and felt rather than saw the clouds graciously mute the sun’s hot rays. I even found myself reluctant to wind up the hose and return inside.

So it was that I learned that the “little” things in life are not little at all; we only forget them in the midst of all our woes until something as simple as a spray of water wakes us up.

6 thoughts on “Wake-up Call

  1. Yesss!!! You nailed it! What a great feeling to be able to appreciate those things even in the midst of our “woes.” Life is too short to wait to enjoy those things until we are sipping lemonade after all the hard, uncomfortable stuff is done. Concise and well written.


  2. Thank you very much! Many people say, “Take joy in the little things,” but at the same time we complain about the drudgery of life. Didn’t God create the Garden of Eden before pain and toil came? All these things we call “little” are part of the whole beautiful world, but mankind just shuffles around paying attention to himself and his worries.


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