CJ’s Corner: Happy Birthday!

CJ’s Corner is a post written exclusively by Adelle’s rabbit.

And you thought it was just Valentine’s Day!

I was just expecting a quiet day to relax in the hutch, with some backyard treats and a birthday kiss from Adelle.

Boy, was I in for a surprise!

As I sleepily half-hopped into the living room, I was blown over by a shout of “Surprise!” It seemed like the whole forest was in my hutch! There was Callie (the white-tailed fawn who’s nearly a doe) her brother Carhartt, the hens, the cats, the whole Carolina Wren family, innumerable squirrels and chipmunks, the dear mice from the garage, and even mockingbirds Dawn and Dusk, the celebrities of the neighborhood. Obviously only the smallest critters fit inside with me, but that was a party to remember.

I received a surprising array of gifts (probably Adelle sneaked my wish list and posted it in the woods) and was serenaded by a lovely duet from the mockingbirds. Somehow Callie had found an album of old pictures, and put up a slide show for everyone to see my baby pictures. (Embarrassing, but you have to admit; I was pretty cute.) There were many others I might post later, but I’ll show a couple of the best here.




Alright, get it out. Everyone say, “Awwww!”

Adelle still calls me her baby even though I’m three years old. But I like it. After all the fun had subsided, I was pretty tuckered out. Adelle tucked me in like always, but left me with a kiss and a whisper of “Happy birthday, CJ.”



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