Cabin Fever

Christmas. Is. Over. Why in the world is Christmas at the beginning of winter? We now have two whole months to sit, mope, go to school, come back, do homework, wash dishes, sit, and mope. What a tragedy.

Are you kidding me?! Come on! Get up! Move! Let’s go! Winter is the time to get things done!

Below is a list of 10 things my parents and I have thought of to make January and February go by faster—and be productive.

  1. Plan summer vacation. This should be a given. You have low rates, low ticket prices, and the time to think it over.
  2. Tear down and put up. Many of you probably un-decorate soon after Christmas, but have you ever thought of sprucing up the house for winter? A few of our favorites are paper snowflakes in the window, evergreen bouquets, and the snow village.
  3. Bake up a storm. Double-task: warm up the house, and make some goodies! We love homemade bread, lots of cookies, real donuts, and plenty of cornbread to go with delicious soups.
  4. Plan ahead on Christmas gifts. I’m in all seriousness. Why add more to your December to-do list? I like to give hand-made presents to my family, so this gives me plenty of time to think of them, more time to make them, and lots of slack in case something goes wrong.
  5. Exercise! Take up yoga, try jump-roping, learn to waltz! Put yourself onto a routine. It doesn’t have to be working out with weights an hour every day. Something, anything, once a day is valuable, considering you might have spent winter vacation on the couch!
  6. Friday night, family night. Sure, it doesn’t have to be Friday, but the point is the same. Set aside time to find a fun indoors family activity that brings everyone together, without everyday stress. It’s as simple as cooking, watching a movie, playing a board game, you name it!
  7. Pick up a new hobby. For me, it’s miniatures, with my dad, it’s stamps, and Mom; pitchers. The possibilities are endless. Painting, whittling, crocheting, knitting, collecting buttons for all I care. Nothing big, just a little something to keep you interested in the idle hours.
  8. Open up your home! Put together a “hit-list” of friends, and pick’em off, one by one! Invite the people you know least, also, at church, school or work. That makes the winter months merrier and brighter for a whole lot more people!
  9. Keep in touch. Letter-writing is a lost art. Revive it! Make a pen-pal or surprise an old friend. Receiving real, tangible, mail is very special.
  10. Dive into a book! Last, but certainly not least! Get ready for bed a few minutes early and as I say, “Read yourself to sleep.” In fact, I have a whole series lined up for me, so this winter, I will not be unread!

Now, let’s get started! Surely, you can start on at least one of these ideas. Do you have any others! I’m game! Stick’em in the comment box below; the more, the merrier! Now nobody has an excuse to sit around this winter.

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