CJ’s Corner: Meet the Gang

CJ’s Corner is a post written exclusively by Adelle’s rabbit.

As promised, I’m following up on my “blogging debut” post to introduce some friends to you! Just in case you forgot, I’m a rabbit that has a knack for words! Adelle, the main writer on this blog, discovered my talent several months ago. Since then, she’s been kind enough to allow me to post whenever! But now, to my friends…

Flow, Lily, and Scarlet are three hens that live in a coop near my hutch. Adelle keeps them as pets now that they’ve lived with her for so long and don’t give as many eggs. I have to be truthful, however, and state that Flow, the brown Rhode Island Red hen, is a snob and somewhat of a bully. She’s pecked me before; I’ll say that too.

Lily’s a thin and fast gray and white Coo Coo Maran. She’s at the bottom of the stupid little pecking order they have, and I feel a bit sorry for her. Scarlet, who is the same color and breed as Lily, is somewhat of a good friend to me. We make conversation sometimes, and she updates me on interesting things such as the latest in egg production and the most stylish preening techniques. I’ve noticed that she and Lily have a different accent than Flow, too; it’s more chopped and hurried.

My next door neighbors, in the shed, are the Carolina Wrens. When I first met them, I didn’t even understand them. I’m pretty fluent in most chicken dialects (except bantam) but since I can’t make heads or tails of songbird speak, I needed Scarlet’s help to talk with them. Since then we’ve learned much about each other. They’re even building a nest! Soon there’ll be lotsa little itty bitty baby wrens…

Through that relationship I met Dusk, a mockingbird who sings high in the treetops only when the sun has just disappeared. I commonly hear his sister joining him. They sing so beautifully. Sometimes I catch glimpses of him when he ventures down, and I feel really shy.

But my best friends are completely different. They were really scared to come up near the buildings at first, but now it’s not so bad. Callie and Carhartt are two teenage Whitetail deer who are very quickly growing up. Just a few months ago, I used to look out of my little peep-hole and see them as tiny babies traipsing along behind their mama. Makes me feel so old.

Carhartt’s getting more stuck up as he grows older (I think it’s those antler stubs popping up that’s boosting his ego), but he talks to me sometimes. But besides Adelle, Callie is my absolute best friend. She’ll come up from the creek right around the time Dusk finishes his performance and Adelle goes inside and we’ll talk on and on.

It’s so funny to watch them sometimes; once there was a bucket lying out where Adelle had left it, and Carhartt tip-toed up to it to see what was going on. He was about three feet from it when he bolted back. He swears it was alive. Just goes to show you what kind of a buck he is 😉 I won’t let him forget it.

Oh no! I won’t be able to include all the news Callie’s been telling me! There was so much… aw, shucks. Guess it’ll have to wait till next time! Laters, y’all!

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